17 September 2011

Bem-vindo, Férias!

Bacalhau Boy and I are just a few hours away from hopping a flight to see my family in the United States.  I am anticipating too much awesome board game playing and cupcake baking and historical sightseeing to actually have time to post anything to the blog until our return.

So while we are off having family fun, I am sharing two of my favorite new Portuguese foodie diversions to keep you entertained.

1. BLOG: Eat Portugal.

Sounds familiar, you say?  That could be because this blog is by the authors of the recently released book, Eat Portugal.  It is perfect if you are visiting Portugal and want help navigating menus so you can be adventurous and yet not get stuck with, say, roasted pig snout. (Unless you are into that...)

The blog has some great features on typical Portuguese foods, many written by one of my favorite bloggers, Lucy Pepper.  So until my bacalhau pan is back in action in a couple of weeks-- try this out!

2. TV SHOW: Masterchef Portugal

This show has me hooked!  The original Australian version has intrigued me for years, mainly because there are an outrageous number of contestants, overly complicated rules, and what seems like eight shows in between each elimination.

On the other hand, the contests they devise encourage creativity that is actually achievable, and all the more interesting as a result.  The Portuguese version is even more up my alley since the ingredients used are not the ones I would gravitate to normally.  I can say it has taught me a lot about getting in a "Portuguese cuisine" state of mind.

See you again in October, refreshed and ready for more bacalhau.

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  1. Terrific news. Enjoy your trip home!

  2. Thank you! It was great fun, but it is good to be back in Lisboa... :)