18 October 2011


I have to share this amazing piece of reporting on ginja, the sweet cherry liqueur of the Lisbon streets. I am a hardcore "ginjinha" fan, and if you aren't yet... well, watch THIS:
Liqueur: There’s nothing like Ginjinha (video)

16 October 2011

Bacalhau Assado no Forno

If Bacalhau à Brás is the dish I hear most foreigners call their favorite, then Bacalhau Assado has to be-- hands down-- the one I hear most Portuguese call their favorite.

It shouldn't be terribly surprising, really.  Of all the simple ways to prepare bacalhau, this is one of the simplest. And in a culture where quality ingredients are prized above fancy culinary techniques, how could you help but love a no-fuss dish which showcases the taste of bacalhau at its best?

07 October 2011

Tastes Like Vacation

My vacation tasted like home.

Hold on a minute-- don't start making assumptions there, bucko.  I am no McDonald's tourist.  I firmly believe that vacations should taste of exotic spices and meats, with a side of foreign scenery and menus you can't really understand but order from anyhow.  I believe in trying whatever the locals consider best and opening your mind to what you find.

But when I return home to the US for my two-week visit with the family each year, I love becoming reacquainted with the familiar flavors of my childhood.  I can't get enough of the huge range of multi-cultural offerings you find in the States, with all these ingredients I can't get my hands on in Lisbon.  And the spiciness!  Ohhh, how I love getting my hands on the spicy.

Luckily, anytime my family gets together in one time zone there is a 100% chance that delicious food will be involved.  Every hour, on the hour, if possible.  I am still smiling at the memories of all the good stuff I got to eat.  Wanna see the highlight reel?

(Yes, you do.  You totally do.)