05 April 2014

Bacalhau à USA

Olá queridos!

It has been a long time since we last met. So very much to tell you...

Bacalhau Boy and I and our 10-month old baby boy and two cats moved to the US in the beginning of December. I started a demanding dream job with a full-on hour commute each way the same week the baby boy turned 1 year old. I had to re-take my driving license road test and pushed through some trauma there, having flashbacks to my 16-year old self. Bacalhau Boy built 15 pieces of IKEA furniture over the course of 2 weeks. And I see my parents every day for the first time in two decades, because they live next door and are taking wonderful care of our munchkin baby while BB and I work.

Annnnnnd, there may be a nervous breakdown or two scattered in there somewhere. And about 20 pounds from stress eating. No biggie.

And we had a Portuguese day! Bacalhau Assado, roast potatoes, boiled eggs, queijo da Serra, olives, and Portuguese wine. Keeping it real, right here in the suburbs of America.

I may not have a new recipe for you, and I may not have much homemade fodder for posts, but I have one picture which proves something very important.

You can take the Bacalhau Boys out of Portugal.

But you can't take the bacalhau out of the boys.

I vow to continue my recipe collecting, for their sake. See you back on the blog soon!