22 February 2012

Arroz de Pato

Ever had Arroz con Pollo? Of course you have!  Chicken and rice is just plain yummy.

And if you want to take yummy to the next level, try your rice with some duck.

18 February 2012

Bacalhau com Molho de Coentros

The nickname for this bacalhau, I have just decided, is "Undercover Bacalhau."

09 February 2012

Baked Calamari

Last week I saw a big sign at my supermarket saying there was a sale on jumbo packs of squid. I stopped my cart in front of the giant refrigerated case, surrounded by other bargain-hunting donas de casa, and wondered when I last saw a grocery store displaying family-packs of squid.  Probably not at Stop and Shop. 

Then, I decided I would have to find a recipe to suit this bargain Portuguese find.