About Me

In 2009, I married my true love and he took me to his far-away kingdom to start our happily-ever-after.

In Portugal.

I had lived and worked abroad before.  I felt like I knew what I was in for.  But the fact is, short-term assignments in Eastern Europe or living in a community of expats in Prague did nothing to prepare me for the transformation from fiercely independent professional gal to uma dona da casa-- a genuine Portuguese housewife.

When I moved to Lisbon, I couldn't speak a word of Portuguese. I had no friends but plenty of new family to win over.  I had a crazy foreign washing machine and no dryer.  I had left all my personal belongings in storage and quit a job as a fundraiser, which occupied 14 hours of every day. I had never experienced bacalhau. Once the excitement settled, I was left wondering: whose life is this?

After five years here, my life had changed a lot-- and it felt like my own. I could communicate in Portuguese without too much trouble. I learned the cultural trademark of "desenrascar", which means to take it easy because everything will work out in the end. I made some amazing friends from around the world and I (almost) fit right in with my husband's (a.ka. Bacalhau Boy's) family.  I even found some success as a fundraising consultant. And best of all, in 2013 we welcomed a little Bacalhau Baby to the brood. I remain determined that he will grow up knowing how to speak bilingually and eat biculturally.

And the most fun of all?  I spent many months learning to cook tried-and-true Portuguese ingredients and recipes. It was this kitchen experimentation that led to the Bacalhau Chronicles. We've since left Portugal and live in the US now, raising our boy and eating much less salted fish. But the blog remains as a testament to my time learning how to live and eat outside my comfort zone in so many ways. I still come back to relive some tastes and recreate some of Bacalahau Boy's favorites when *he* gets homesick.

I hope you find a few yummy things and some entertainment here.

Obrigada pela visita!


  1. Hello
    my boyfriend and I left Antwerp for a sail around the world trip, three months ago. We are almost one month in Lisbon, we love it here. We are leaving soon but now I read your blog I am determined to try the bacalhau before we go!

    All the best,

    1. Fantastic! I hope you enjoy your bacalhau experience. It really is the taste of Lisbon!

  2. Yay, what a fab blog and the recipes .... aaaaah - lovely. We are moving to Portugal early next year and we are starting our journey there. Born in South Africa, lived in London and now our next stop .... central Portugal in the mountains... cant wait to try your recipes and negotiation skills with the local butcher :)

  3. My dear,

    Im a portuguese girl living in Angola, and the reading of your blog makes me even more.. saudades.. lol I'll guess you understand.
    greeting, its fan-taste-ic!! keep up!